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Will The Nutrients Of Freeze-Dried Fruits And Vegetables Shrink?

Will The Nutrients Of Freeze-Dried Fruits And Vegetables Shrink?

Freeze-dried dates, freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried carrots, freeze-dried okra. A series of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks are favored by consumers because of their convenience and nutrition.

But what's the difference between this new snack and regular fruit? Are nutrients missing?

In some shopping malls, supermarkets sell a snack called freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, its variety is rich, there are yellow peaches, apples, carrots, okra, beans and so on, to buy consumers are not a few. Some consumers say that freeze-dried fruits and vegetables taste crisp, convenient to carry, when a snack to eat good, can solve the habit of not eating vegetables.

Freeze Dried Fruits And Vegetables Wholesale

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables not only sell well offline but also online. A search on the e-commerce platform found that there are hundreds of stores selling freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and the sales of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in the top stores can reach more than 6,000 pieces per month.

What are the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that are selling like hotcakes?

It is understood that freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are actually ordinary fruits and vegetables which are rapidly frozen at low temperature and dehydrated and dried in a vacuum environment. At present, the dried fruits and vegetables on the market mostly use two kinds of production processes, one is the vacuum dehydration process, the other is a freeze-drying process.

Vacuum dehydration is a kind of low-temperature vacuum frying process, is to let the oil into the fruits and vegetables, removes the water. The dried fruit is bright in color and crunchy, but it's high in calories and fat, and the nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables can be easily destroyed. The fruit and vegetable produced by the freeze-drying process have a loose taste. Although the retention rate of nutrients is relatively high and the fat content is low, such fruit and vegetable dry is easy to be affected with moisture after opening the package.

Experts say that when buying dried fruits and vegetables, if you want to distinguish the two processes, just look at the list of ingredients. Dried fruits and vegetables made by vacuum dehydration will have the word vegetable oil in the ingredient list, while those made by freeze-drying will not.

Can freeze-dried fruits and vegetables replace regular fruits and vegetables?

Some experts believe that freeze-dried fruits and vegetables cannot completely replace ordinary fruits and vegetables in terms of variety of food. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition, taste good, are more convenient to carry, can timely supplement a variety of dietary fiber and vitamins, low fat, low calories, is a good snack and meal replacement, but to control the consumption, not to eat too much at a time.

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