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The Main Effect of Balsam Pear Powder

The Main Effect of Balsam Pear Powder

Balsam pear powder's raw materials come from planting bases with fertile soil and high organic matter content, which meet the requirements for green food production; and balsam pear varieties with high resistance, adaptability, commerciality, and yield are chosen as balsam pear powder's raw materials. Balsam pear powder is manufactured from balsam pear by ultra-micro crushing at low temperatures. It is high in protein, fat, sugar, cellulose, carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C, balsam pear glycosides, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, among other nutrients. The vitamin C level is very high in them.

1. Balsam pear powder's health benefits

Balsam pear powder has a bitter flavor and has the effect of eliminating heat, brightening eyes, detoxifying, feeding blood, and improving health situation, among other things. Fever and thirst, heat stroke, dysentery, red eyes, carbuncles, swelling and venom, malignant sores, and other conditions are treated with it. Balsam pear also includes the active component "plant insulin," or balsam. Furthermore, the main element in balsam pear, balsam pear glycoside, can safely and steadily lower blood sugar while also improving pancreatic gland function and repairing B cells, which has a substantial impact on problems. Another function of balsam pear is to reduce summer heat and irritation, to relieve fire and brighten the eyes, to benefit qi and strengthen yang, and to benefit qi and strengthen yang, therefore eating balsam pear can help to cleanse toxins and lower fire.

2. Balsam pear powder's slimming properties

A balsam pear has 0.4 percent of a rare chemical that is as valuable as gold for weight loss - high energy lipotropic, also known as "fat assassin," which can lower fat and polysaccharide intake by 40% to 60%. Experiments have shown that eating one milligram of this substance every day can inhibit the absorption of about 100 grams of fat and lower the waistline by up to 2 mm. Balsam pear powder does not enter the human bloodstream, but instead operates on the small intestine, which is an essential portion of the human body for fat absorption, according to pharmacological studies. It blocks the absorption of fat, polysaccharides, and other high-calorie macromolecules by modifying the intestinal cell network, thereby accelerating the absorption of tiny molecules in the body, and it does not participate in human metabolism, so there are no hazardous side effects.

3. Medical properties of balsam pear powder

In diabetes, the "peptide-P" found in balsam pear powder is as effective as insulin and can be used as a medicinal medicine instead. Steroid glycosides, saponins, and peptides may be used as the material basis. Balsam pear powder contains balsam pear protein, which boosts the body's immune system and encourages immune cells to destroy cancer cells; this protein-like material could be a potential cancer treatment; the active constituents are mostly proteins and saponins. Balsam pear possesses anti-HIV properties. MAP30, an antiviral protein, is projected to be developed into a new type of AIDS medication.

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