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Study on the Vacuum Frozen-dried Technology of Jackfruit

Study on the Vacuum Frozen-dried Technology of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a plant of the genus pineapple, widely cultivated in southern China. It contains countless yellow meat bags, which are sweet and delicious, rich in flavor, and unique in flavor. It is known as the king of fruits.

Effect of different pre-freezing methods on the quality of frozen dried jackfruit

The different pre-freezing methods had little effect on the quality of frozen dried jackfruit. Generally speaking, the slow freezing method was better, and the slow freezing jackfruit had a higher sensory evaluation score, higher rehydration rate, and lower water content. It may be due to the large ice crystals produced by slow freezing, the cell membrane is easy to rupture and water is easy to sublimate. The ice crystal produced by fast freezing is small, and the sublimation is relatively slow. Therefore, high-quality frozen dried jackfruit producers choose to use the slow freezing method for pre-freezing.

Effect of jackfruit with different maturity on quality of frozen dried products

Fresh jackfruit of different maturity has a greater impact on vacuum-frozen products. Eight-ripe jackfruit has low soluble solid content, low sugar content, tasteless and astringent flesh, and poor taste and taste. Therefore, the sensory evaluation is low. The fully mature jackfruit has high soluble solid content and high sugar content, but it is not easy to shape during the slicing process, and the shape is poor, which affects the senses. And after freeze-drying, it is tightly adsorbed with the material tray, and it is fragile when sampling. The 90%-ripe jackfruit has moderate sugar content and a high forming rate. The frozen dried jackfruit has a rich taste. It is crispy and delicious and is a kind of good snack food.

Effects of different soaking methods on the quality of frozen dried jackfruit

The frozen dried jackfruit soaked in 0.9% NaCl solution has the highest sensory score and the best quality. And the frozen dried jackfruit after being soaked in 0.9% NaCl solution has the closest color to the fresh jackfruit. Therefore, before freeze-drying, soak the jackfruit in 0.9% NaCl solution for 30min, and then pre-freeze, so that the quality of the frozen dried food is the best.

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