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Spinach Powder

Spinach Powder

Spinach Powder

Spinach powder provides an excellent way to boost our daily intake of greens. The organic spinach powder holds just as much power as fresh spinach leaves, but its super-concentrated form makes it more convenient for trail cooking needs. It's light in weight, easy-to-use, lasts longer, but tastes, looks and smells as real spinach.

Ingredients: Spinach Powder
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Application of Spinach Powder

You can prepare 500 grams of spinach powder and eggs, add a certain proportion of water and stir, add yeast to knead into a dough, and let it stand for one to two hours to cook spinach buns, or use a rolling pin to make dumpling noodles and noodles to make delicious spinach dumplings, spinach noodles.

Nutrients of Spinach Powder

Our spinach powder is rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein, and minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. The spinach leaf powder also contains a large amount of crude plant fiber, which has the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis, is conducive to defecation, and can promote pancreatic secretion and help digestion. 

It has a therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids, chronic pancreatitis, constipation, anal fissure and other diseases. Among them, spinach powder is rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and a certain amount of iron, vitamin E and other beneficial ingredients, which can supply a variety of nutrients to the human body; its iron content is good for iron deficiency anemia The role of adjuvant therapy.

Specification of Spinach Powder

  • Spinach Powder
  • Powder 100mesh

Packaging of Spinach Powder

Packaging of Spinach Powder

Inner packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag

Packaging of Spinach Powder

Outer packing: 38*38*57cm five layers corrugated carton

By the way, shockproof bubble film is used to strengthen protection.

Other Details of Spinach Powder


Usage of Spinach Powder

You can drink immediately after opening the bag.


Application of Spinach Powder

Spinach Powder can be added to cake, juice, tea, etc


Shelf life of Spinach Powder

The spinach powder can be preserved for 12 months.


Storage Condition of Spinach Powder

Store in a cool and dry place, and use it as soon as possible after opening

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