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Pumpkin Powder

Pumpkin Powder

Pumpkin Powder

Our pumpkin powder is made of pumpkins of the right size, dried and ground in a GMP certified workshop. The pumpkin spice powder is light orange, very sweet, with the taste of sweet potatoes and chestnuts, and retains the original flavor without any preservatives.

Ingredients:Pumpkin Powder
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Application of Pumpkin Powder

Our pumpkin powder can be used to naturally enhance flavor and color in a range of food and beverage applications, including smoothies, soups, baked goods, snack bar ingredients, cereals, and pet foods. It can also be made into pumpkin puree to replace some desserts with high sugar content.

Application Pumpkin Pie Protein Powder
Application Pumpkin Spice Powdered Creamer

Nutrients of Pumpkin Powder

Pumpkin powder is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, a variety of amino acids, carotene, D vitamins, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, trigonelline, adenine, fat, glucose, pentosan and mannitol. In addition, it also contains Some organic acids, inorganic salts, lutein, lutein, pectin and enzymes, etc. After pectin is absorbed in the intestine, it can form a gelatinous substance, which can delay the absorption of sugar and lipids in the intestine. The dried pumpkin powder has a preventive and preventive effect on diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Pumpkin powder also contains a variety of trace elements, of which the content of cobalt is higher than all Vegetables, and cobalt is necessary for pancreatic islet cells, which can promote the normalization of insulin secretion in patients.

Specification of Pumpkin Powder

  • Pumpkin Powder
  • Powder 100mesh

Packaging of Pumpkin Powder

Packaging of Pumpkin Powder

Inner packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag

Packaging of Pumpkin Powder

Outer packing: 38*38*57cm five layers corrugated carton

By the way, shockproof bubble film is used to strengthen protection.

Other Details of Pumpkin Powder


Usage of Pumpkin Powder

You can drink immediately after opening the bag.


Application of Pumpkin Powder

Pumpkin Powder can be added to cake, juice, tea, etc


Shelf life of Pumpkin Powder

The pumpkin powder can be preserved for 12 months.


Storage Condition of Pumpkin Powder

Store in a cool and dry place, and use it as soon as possible after opening

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