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Freeze Dried Oranges

Freeze Dried Oranges

Freeze Dried Oranges

Good products come from good raw materials. Oranges need to go through layers of screening, and only the ones with the best size, appearance, and color will be retained. There are about 10,000 taste buds on the surface of the human tongue. Sour and sweet are the flavors that people can easily capture from the freeze dried oranges. It is a combination of sour and sweet. 

Ingredients: Oranges
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Application of Freeze-dried Oranges

Our freeze-dried oranges come in a variety of forms, sliced, diced, or powdered, to suit all your needs. Freeze-dried oranges are used in baked goods to make delicious bread, cookies, cakes, pancakes, muffins, etc. The sweet and sour taste and bright color of freeze dried mandarin oranges will increase your appetite! You can also add freeze-dried oranges to cocktails, soda, and a delicious orange drink. To save time, you can also make freeze dried orange slices or orange powder. It's simple, healthy, and refreshing to get enough vitamin C every day.

Application Freeze Dried Orange Slices
Application Freeze Dried Oranges

Nutrients of Freeze-dried Oranges

 Freeze-dried orange adopts FD Aerospace freeze-dried process, the sweetness, nutrition, and vitamin of the orange itself are retained, the weight becomes lighter. The taste of freeze dried orange is still delicious, and we absolutely do not add any preservatives and sweeteners, sugar and sulfites are not contained, you can eat with 100% confidence.

Freeze-dried oranges are rich in hesperidin, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, sugars, pectin, and vitamin C. Sweet taste, flat sex. It has the functions of activating fluid and quenching thirst, regulating qi, and regulating milk. Freeze-dried oranges are rich in various organic acids and vitamins, which can regulate human metabolism, especially beneficial to the elderly and cardiovascular patients. Fruit acid is contained in freeze-dried orange peel, can promote appetite, to the person of gastric acid inadequacy can help digest; The fiber in freeze-dried oranges helps moisten the intestines and lowers cholesterol; Freeze-dried oranges are also rich in vitamin C, which can prevent cancer.

Specification of Freeze-dried Oranges

  • Freeze Dried Oranges
  • Freeze Dried Oranges
  • Freeze Dried Oranges
  • Slices 8-10mm
  • Dices 5*5mm 2*2mm
  • Powder 60mesh

Packaging of Freeze-dried Oranges

We have 2 types of packaging ways for freeze-dried strawberries.
Packaging of Freeze-dried Oranges

Inner packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag

Packaging of Freeze-dried Oranges

Outer packing: 38*38*57cm five layers corrugated carton

By the way, shockproof bubble film is used to strengthen protection.

Other Details of Freeze-dried Oranges


Usage of Freeze-dried Oranges

You can choose to eat immediately after opening the bag.

You can choose to brew with warm water and use it with oatmeal


Application of Freeze-dried Oranges

Freeze-dried Oranges can be added in cake, fruit cereal, ice cream, jam, tea, etc


Shelf life of Freeze-dried Oranges

It can be preserved for 12 months.


Storage Condition of Freeze-dried Oranges

store in a cool and dry place, and use it as soon as possible after opening

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