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Freeze Dried Mulberries

Freeze Dried Mulberries

Freeze Dried Mulberries

Our freeze-dried mulberries beautiful color, taste sweet, uses the most advanced freeze-drying technology, all nutrients in the locked fresh mulberries, and we never add any preservatives and sweeteners, not sugar and sulfite, in you enjoy delicious freeze-dried mulberries and absorb nutrients at the same time, you can rest assured it 100% security.

Ingredients: Mulberries
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Application of Freeze-dried Mulberries

Our freeze-dried mulberries are available in various forms, including whole fruit and powder, to meet your various uses. You can use freeze-dried mulberries in baked goods, smoothies, and frozen foods to enhance flavor and spice up your life. You can also use freeze-dried mulberries in sweets, flavoring, macarons, ice cream, etc. You can also use freeze-dried mulberries as a delicious snack, whether it is hiking, on the way to school, or at family gatherings, freeze dry mulberries will be the most convenient and popular delicious. Freeze-dried mulberries have no worries about sticky juice, no worries about the inconvenience of carrying fresh fruits, and no worries about puffing food being easy to get fat. They can eat them whenever and wherever they want and enjoy themselves.

Application Freeze Dried Mulberries
Application Freeze Dried Mulberry

Nutrients of Freeze-dried Mulberries

Freeze-dried mulberry contains a variety of functional components, such as rutin, anthocyanin, resveratrol, etc., with good anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-ulcer, anti-virus, and other functions. Freeze-dried mulberry can improve skin blood supply, nourish skin, make skin white, tender, and black, and delay aging. Freeze-dried mulberry is a good fruit and good medicine for health and beauty and anti-aging of middle-aged and old people. Regular eating freeze-dried mulberry can clear the eyes and relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue and dryness. Freeze-dried mulberry can also promote immunity. Freeze-dried mulberry can increase the weight of the spleen, enhance the hemolytic reaction, prevent arteriosclerosis and bone joint sclerosis, and promote metabolism. Freeze dried mulberry can promote the growth of red blood cells, prevent leucocyte reduction, and to the treatment of diabetes, anemia, hypertension, high blood fat, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia, and other diseases that have an auxiliary effect.

Specification of Freeze-dried Mulberries

  • Freeze Dried Mulberries
  • Freeze Dried Mulberries
  • Whole
  • Powder 60mesh

Packaging of Freeze-dried Mulberries

We have 2 types of packaging ways for frozen mulberries.
Packaging of Freeze-dried Mulberries

Inner packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag

Packaging of Freeze-dried Mulberries

Outer packing: 38*38*57cm five layers corrugated carton

By the way, shockproof bubble film is used to strengthen protection.

Other Details of Freeze-dried Mulberries


Usage of Freeze-dried Mulberries

You can choose to eat immediately after opening the bag.

You can choose to brew with warm water and use it with oatmeal


Application of Freeze-dried Mulberries

Freeze-dried Mulberries can be added in cake, fruit cereal, ice cream, jam, tea, etc


Shelf life of Freeze-dried Mulberries

Freeze dried mulberries can be preserved for 12 months.


Storage Condition of Freeze-dried Mulberries

store in a cool and dry place, and use it as soon as possible after opening

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