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Organic Freeze-dried Food Technology Penetrates into Many Fields

Organic Freeze-dried Food Technology Penetrates into Many Fields

Freeze dried food, commonly known as FD food, is a contraction of vacuum freeze dried food. The color, flavor, form, and nutritional makeup of the original fresh food can all be enhanced with freeze drying technology. Organic freeze dried food may be maintained at room temperature for a long time without the addition of preservatives due to the low water activity, and the end product is light in weight, making it easy to handle and transport. Using freeze drying technology, vitamins, liver powders, fruits and vegetables may all be efficiently maintained in terms of nutritional content and taste. In terms of market penetration, freeze-dried technology now covers nearly all of the new convenience foods and is making inroads into a variety of food categories.

1. The technology for organic freeze-dried foods is also being improved

Freeze-drying was first employed in biomedicine and certain aeronautical food processing, but it has only just begun to be applied to food. Freeze drying technology is more like a linker, generating multi-layered, multi-taste products, which is highly popular with consumers and the direction in which Linhe Biotechnology is innovating its products, in addition to guaranteeing that nutrition is not lost, including flavor preservation. Iterative improvements are also being made to freeze-drying technology. This year, a combination of freeze-drying and molecular permeation technology improved the original freeze-dried food's sticky teeth problem.

Furthermore, lyophilisation technology has a bright future in dairy products. The use of new freeze-drying technology combined with high-quality dairy raw materials may create a huge variety of dairy products, and the application of freeze-drying technology to dairy products can be a very good option for protecting the nutrition of the raw material of dairy products.

2. Food firms are drawn to hot organic freeze-dried foods

Freeze-dried organic foods in several fashionable food industries, such as the coffee business, freeze drying technique is commonly used. With the help of technological innovation, new boutique coffee brands are swiftly establishing themselves on the market. The popularity of black coffee, for example, has grown by 25%. Tmall Online saw a 60 percent increase in sales of freeze-dried foods, including casual foods.

The rich ingredient packages produced with freeze-drying technology were highlighted in the instant noodle industry's high-end goods. Master Kong, a leading instant noodle firm, has worked with the Space Foundation for many years, using FD freeze-drying technology to the materials of instant noodle products while supporting spaceflight development. Imairang has also accelerated its positioning in the high-end market in recent years, with the introduction of its "One Dish One Side" collection of freeze-dried items.

It's worth noting that, given the industry's rapid growth, industry insiders predict that the use of organic freeze dried food freeze dried technology in convenience foods, casual foods, health food ingredients, and military foods will increase dramatically in the next five years, both domestically and internationally.

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