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Nutrition and Production Principle of Freeze Dried Yoghurt

Nutrition and Production Principle of Freeze Dried Yoghurt

In daily life, more and more dairy products such as yogurt and yoghurt cubes appear continuously and are favored by consumers. Whether it is liquid yogurt or solid yogurt block, how to ensure the flavor and quality is an issue that need to be paid attention to by dairy processing enterprises. The food freeze dryer (freeze dried yogurt forming equipment) plays an important role in ensuring its probiotic activity, flavor, nutritional content and quality safety.

1. The nutrition of the freeze dried yoghurt

Freeze dried yoghurt block is more nutritious. It adopts FD freeze-drying technology, which retains the nutrients of yogurt and fruit to the greatest extent, and can also supplement the protein needed by the human body. In addition, it also contains active lactic acid bacteria, which can regulate the intestinal flora and restore the balance of the intestinal flora.

Freeze dried yoghurt cubes can be eaten directly, or you can cut them into small pieces, sprinkle them in salads, or mix them with yogurt and fruit. Freeze dried yogurt cubes can also be drizzled with some hot chocolate sauce to make chocolate crisp. It is also made into a variety of flavors, such as original flavor, blueberry flavor and yellow peach flavor, etc. You can choose according to your own taste.

2. The production principle of the freeze dried yoghurt

Freeze dried yoghurt generally cannot be made by households. Because freeze dried yogurt applies freeze-drying process, using the principle of ice crystal sublimation. In a high vacuum environment, the moisture of the frozen yogurt is directly sublimated from the ice solid to steam without melting the ice, and the yogurt is dried completed. So just freezing is not enough, it also needs to be vacuumed to remove water vapor. This process condition can keep most of the nutrients in the food well. Due to limited household conditions and no tools, it is almost impossible to make freeze dried yogurt at home.

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