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Meaning and Application Prospect of Tomato Dry Powder Production

Meaning and Application Prospect of Tomato Dry Powder Production

Ⅰ. The meaning of producing dried tomato powder

Tomatoes are quite high in water, up to 95% water, and very few fruits and vegetables have such a high water content. Therefore, for every 1kg of dry weight of tomatoes, about 19kg of water must be packed, transported and stored. Consumers have to pay 19 kilograms of water for every one kilogram of dry tomato. Packaging, transportation, storage and consumption costs can be greatly saved if tomatoes are processed into dried tomato powder.

Although tomato concentrates such as tomato paste have removed about three-quarters or more of the water, it still has 2-3kg of water per kilogram of dry weight. In addition, the higher the solid content of tomato concentrates is, the greater the consistency is. So further water reduction through evaporation will be very difficult, resulting in heat waste and increased product cost. And tomato sauce in the later concentration is easy to stick to the pot because it contains cellulose and other components. The longer concentration time makes its color and flavor greatly deteriorate and seriously affects the quality of tomato concentrates. In addition, tomato concentrates with high solid content are prone to quality change during storage, especially in high-temperature areas. If the tomato paste is processed into dried tomato powder, packaging and marketing costs can be greatly reduced, which can offset the production costs of drying.

In addition, due to high water content, thin skin and juicy, under the action of microorganisms tomato is easy to rot and not resistant to storage, thus increasing the rate of tomato loss. According to reports, local tomatoes rot rate is up to 50 percent. Scientists have been struggling to figure out how to improve the storage life of tomatoes and reduce storage loss. If it is processed into tomato powder, it can reduce the chance of microbial formation and can be stored at room temperature for a long time, thus extending the supply season and balancing the peak production and marketing.

Ⅱ. Application prospect of dried tomato powder

With the rapid development of domestic and foreign markets and international trade demand, as well as the improvement of people's living standards, the food industry also begins to develop rapidly. The demand for tomato powder in the food industry ingredients market and condiment market is increasing day by day. High-quality dried tomato powder can be reprocessed into different concentrations of ketchup, tomato juice, tomato sauce and tomato soup, etc. Tomato powder can also be directly used as an ingredient for convenience food, snack food and soup, sauce and other premixes. In addition, tomato powder can also be used as a tomato substitute for some special markets, such as geological exploration, army camping training, border posts like islands and snow mountains, Nordic winter ski tourism, war and aerospace food.

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