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In-depth Understanding of the Process of Freeze-dried Dragon Fruit

In-depth Understanding of the Process of Freeze-dried Dragon Fruit

A new method for dragon fruit drying - freeze-dried dragon fruit technology, the dried dragon fruit has bright color, full volume and crisp taste. The key point is that this drying method does not add any additives, pigments, and more anthocyanins that can be retained. Other nutrients will not be lost due to the drying process.

1. Freeze-dried dragon fruit is rich in nutrients

First of all, we all know that dragon fruit pulp contains plant albumin and anthocyanin, as well as rich vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber, which are rare in other fruits and are widely sought after by people. Therefore, dragon fruit is a potential for cultivation and promotion. Big novelty specialty fruit. However, because people only pay attention to the field cultivation of dragon fruit and the control of pests and diseases, the output of dragon fruit is increasing year by year, but post-harvest treatment and deep processing are ignored. In addition, its storage and preservation period is relatively short, and the fruit begins to soften a few days after harvesting, resulting in partial deterioration of dragon fruit in the post-harvest circulation process, resulting in serious losses. Therefore, the deep processing research of dragon fruit has great economic and social benefits. The production and processing method of dragon fruit freeze-dried tablets, the dragon fruit freeze-dried tablets prepared by the method can keep the active ingredients such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamins and the like which are rich in the dragon fruit, while maintaining the color and flavor of the dragon fruit.

2. Freeze-dried dragon fruit quality freeze-drying process

(1) Peeling: Choose the dragon fruit that is intact and ripe, and peel off the skin;

(2) Slicing: Cut the peeled dragon fruit into thin slices (within 10mm) by a slicer;

(3) One-time freezing: place it in a freezer at -30~-40°C for one-time freezing, and freeze for 1~1.5 hours;

(4) Conditional secondary freezing: cool down to -50~-60°C until the center of the dragon fruit material is completely frozen, and maintain for 2 to 4 hours;

(5) Sublimation drying: Place the completely frozen dragon fruit in a drying room, set the pressure of the drying room to 0.15-0.2 mbar, set the temperature of the heating plate to 10-13 °C, and heat for 10-18 hours, the ice crystals of the dragon fruit slices completely disappear. After that, the sublimation drying ends;

(6) Analytical drying: After the sublimation drying is completed, set the temperature of the heating plate to 25-35 °C, and heat for 8-12 hours. After the bound water in the dragon fruit slices is lost, the drying ends;

(7) Cooling: cooling at room temperature to obtain freeze-dried dragon fruit.