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How Are Freeze-dried Fruit Made? What Are the Characteristics?

How Are Freeze-dried Fruit Made? What Are the Characteristics?

When summer comes, there are more and more kinds of fruits. Fruits can supplement the vitamins needed by the human body, so it is necessary to eat some fruits every day. Freeze-dried dried fruit, that is, freeze-dried fruit. In recent years, freeze-dried food has become a new favorite in the snack industry. Freeze-dried fruit is an ideal natural food that uses the vacuum freeze-drying method to freeze the water in the fruit, but retains the color, aroma, taste and nutrients of the fruit. So, how is freeze dried fruit made? What are the characteristics?

1. The production of frozen dried fruit

Freeze-dried fruit organic freeze-dried food uses the vacuum freeze-drying method of freeze-drying machine to freeze the water in the fruit in advance, and then sublimes the frozen water in the fruit in a vacuum environment to obtain freeze-dried fruit. In short, the water in the fruit is pumped in a low temperature environment to retain its original nutrition. Freeze-drying technology is to freeze the freshly picked fruits at minus 30°C, and drain the water in the fruits in the absence of vacuum and oxygen. This technology was originally intended to provide astronauts with nutritious and delicious "space food", but with the popularization of technology, we can also eat this healthy and delicious food.

2. The characteristics of freeze-dried fruit

(1) Fresh: The seasonal fruits are freeze-dried immediately after picking, which avoids the nutrient loss caused by long-term storage of fruits and multiple logistics, and is healthier than the stocks of fruits in supermarkets and fruit stores.

(2) Excellent: The top fruit varieties at home and abroad are selected, and the screening is strictly controlled. The freeze-drying production technology has been matured for many years. All products must pass 489 inspections before leaving the factory, and the quality can be seen.

(3) Appropriate: It avoids the complicated process of fresh fruit freezing and cleaning and preservation, which is convenient for travel or gift-giving. Even patients, pregnant women or girls in menstrual period can eat it with confidence.

3. The advantages of freeze-dried fruit freeze-drying

Freeze-drying is performed at low temperatures and is therefore particularly suitable for many heat-sensitive substances. Such as proteins, microorganisms and the like will not be denatured or lose biological activity; when drying at low temperature, some volatile components in the material will be lost very little, and the original nutrients will be maintained; during the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the production of enzymes The action cannot be performed, so it retains its original shape.

Since it is dried in a frozen state, the volume is almost unchanged, the original structure is maintained, and no concentration phenomenon occurs. The dried substance is loose and porous, in the form of a sponge, dissolves rapidly and completely after adding water, and returns to its original shape almost immediately. Since drying takes place under vacuum with very little oxygen, some oxidizable substances are protected. Drying can discharge more than 95%-99% of the moisture, so that the dried freeze-dried fruit products can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

Freeze-dried fruit is the processing of fruit by vacuum drying. Freeze-dried fruit has the characteristics of freshness, health, high quality and easy to carry. In addition, freeze-dried fruit preserves most of the nutrients in the fruit, is easy to carry, and has a crunchy taste. It is a good snack choice for travel and leisure.