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Frozen Dried Fruits Have Bright Future Development Prospects

Frozen Dried Fruits Have Bright Future Development Prospects

Frozen dried fruit has been recognized as high-grade dehydrated fruit. In recent years, the consumption of frozen dried fruit in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries and regions has increased rapidly, and it has also shown broad prospects in the Chinese market. The freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits are not only used in aerospace, military supplies, mountaineering, tourism, exploration, mining, and other industries but are also widely used in restaurants and homes. At present, the price of frozen dried fruit in the international market is 4-6 times that of hot-air-dried dehydrated fruits, and it is becoming a major fruit commodity in international trade.

Resource advantages of frozen dried fruit

Frozen dried fruit is made by quickly freezing fresh fruit raw materials after pretreatment, and then being sent into a vacuum container for dehydration. Under vacuum conditions, the moisture rises from solid ice into gas, so that the materials are dehydrated and dried. The dehydrated fruit products made by the freeze-drying process do not need refrigeration equipment and can be stored for a long time without deterioration at room temperature. Frozen dried fruit for sale not only has complete color, aroma, taste, and shape, but also preserves the vitamins, protein, and other nutrients in the fruits to the greatest extent.

Policy advantages of frozen dried fruit

The frozen dried fruit industry has excellent development prospects and large market potential both in China and the world, and it also has the policy and local financial support. At the same time, the abundant raw material advantages and the distinctive fruit-producing areas are conducive to the formation of their own special products in the subdivisions.

In the field of frozen dried fruit, policy advantages can help companies operate at a lower cost in the initial stage, while significantly reducing marketing and brand building costs. Due to insufficient deep processing of fruits, the price of the fruit planting industry fluctuates greatly in the circulation link, and production increases while farmers' income is at a standstill. At the same time, seasonal fruits are difficult to preserve and prices are falling fast. Under such circumstances, freeze dried fruit company will receive more policy support to develop fruit deep processing, and the cost of raw materials will be relatively low. However, it should also be noted that the production cycle of an enterprise has a certain seasonality and periodicity, which will cause certain restrictions on the production of the enterprise.