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Edible Value of Hawthorn Powder

Edible Value of Hawthorn Powder

Many companies are committed to studying powder-made technology. Hawthorn powder is widely used in medical treatment, food, industry, breeding and other aspects, which has development prospect very much.

Ⅰ. Functions of the hawthorn powder

Diet tea of green tea and hawthorn: Directly add cold boiled water and honey and brew, you can continue to drink. Three cups a day. Take 50 grams of hawthorn powder and 100 grams of wool Holly every day and decocte twice, it can effectively reduce serum cholesterol. Take immersion made of hawthorn flower and lotus leaves and the effect of falling blood pressure is better:  5-8 grams lotus leaf powder, 3-5 grams hawthorn powder and honey. Because hawthorn contains hawthorn acid and other organic acids, its taste is sour and sweet. It contains the lipase, when you have it, it can enhance the effect of enzyme, promoting digestion and helpsing with cholesterol conversion. So, for people feeling full after eating meat or fat content, eat some of hawthorn, hawthorn piece, hawthorn water or hawthorn pill can help digestion. It is suitable to be the health food for the elder. Hawthorn can benefit bile and promote gastric juice secretion.

Ⅱ. The value of hawthorn powder

Hawthorn contains a variety of vitamins, tartaric acid, citric acid, hawthorn acid, malic acid and flavonoids, lactone, carbohydrate, protein, fat and the mineral such as calcium, phosphorus, iron. The solution fat enzyme contained can promote the digestion of adipose food. It can treat indigestion and oronary heart disease, because flavonoids contained in hawthorn can dilate coronary artery, increase the blood flow of coronary artery, promote gastric juice secretion and increase the function such as enzyme in the stomach. Chinese medicine thinks that Hawthorn has the effect of digestion, diarrhea, blood circulation and stasis. It mainly treat food stagnation, chest tightness, hernia, blood stasis, amenorrhea and other diseases. Hawthorn contains the medicaments composition like mountain terpenoids and flavonoids, which has remarkable dilate blood vessel and step-down effect and can enhance cardiac muscle, fight arrhythmia, adjust blood fat and cholesterol content.

Therefore, oatients of coronary heart disease (including angina pectoris) should often drink hawthorn powder sugar water. It treats hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, fatty liver. These patients eat hawthorn powder every day and insist on eating for a period of time, they will lower blood pressure, lower fat, regulate fat. It can cure constipation. Take 2 to 3 fresh hawthorn powder, it has the effect of laxative and can be used to prevent and treat thirst and constipation caused by loss of body fluid. It treats gynecological diseases. Take 3 to 5 grains hawthorn powder and eat with water fir 7 days, it can invigorate the circulation of blood. It is used for the prevention and treatment of women amenorrhea and lower abdomen heave. Although hawthorn powder is good, pregnant women and patients with peptic ulcer should not eat more, and it is not recommended to eat more on an empty stomach.

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