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Do You Know the Characteristics of Freeze Dried Produce?

Do You Know the Characteristics of Freeze Dried Produce?

1. Good nutrition of organic freeze dried food

Vacuum freeze-drying is a drying process carried out under extremely low temperature and high vacuum conditions. During processing, the ingredients are basically in an anaerobic and completely dark environment, with little thermal denaturation, effectively maintaining the color, aroma, taste, shape of fresh ingredients, and maximizing the preservation of various vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, chlorophyll, biological enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients and flavor substances. Research data shows that the nutrition of freeze dried food that has been preserved for 1-2 years can completely replace fresh food.

2. Palatability of organic freeze dried food

During the freeze-drying process, the moisture in the ingredients will be precipitated in situ, which avoids the fact that in the general drying method, nutrients are carried to the surface of the ingredients due to the flow and migration of the moisture inside the ingredients to the surface of the ingredients, resulting in material loss and surface hardening of ingredients. It has an ideal instant solubility and rapid rehydration.

3. High rehydration of organic freeze dried food

During the freeze-drying process of freeze dried product, the solid ice crystals sublime into water vapor, leaving voids in the food, so the vacuum freeze-dried food has a dry sponge-like porous structure to have an instant solubility and rapid rehydration. As long as you add the right amount of water when eating, it can be restored to a near-fresh taste in seconds to minutes.

4. Long-term preservation and convenience of organic freeze dried food

The dehydration of organic freeze dried food is thorough. Generally speaking, the residual moisture of freeze-dried food is less than 5%, and the residual moisture inside the food is evenly distributed. Therefore, under the condition of vacuum packaging, it can be stored at room temperature for 3-5 years. In the process of using freeze-drying technology to process food materials, the required low temperature or ultra-low temperature environment has higher requirements on processing equipment.

Of course, with the development of freeze-drying technology, its cost will also decrease. In addition, freeze-dried food conforms to the current three major global food development trends of "green food", "convenience food" and "health food". It will take the lead in the future.

Fruit nourishes all things and is the balance between man and nature. People accept the gifts of nature and give back to nature. The invention of the freeze dried produce fruit was a victory over time. It's a long sublimation, fruits are freed from water, become lighter and can be preserved longer. They concentrate sugar, retain as much fiber and vitamins as possible, so that people can still taste delicious fruit across time and distance to satisfy themselves. Freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried bananas, freeze-dried dragon fruit, freeze-dried passion fruit, freeze-dried lychees, freeze-dried pineapples, etc., they are all emerging.

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