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Common Problems and Solutions of Freeze Dried Food

Common Problems and Solutions of Freeze Dried Food

In recent years, vacuum freeze-drying technology has developed rapidly. The freeze dried produce has developed from the initial blood products, vaccines, biological products, etc., to the application of Chinese herbal medicines and health products. A good freeze dried product should have a good physical form, should have a full shape, no shrinkage, uniform color, good porosity, qualified moisture content, etc., and can be stored for a long time.

1. Common problems before freeze dried food are made

The common problems of freeze dried food in the solution preparation process include the solubility of the raw materials, pH value, and stability of the freeze-dried protective agent, etc. It is necessary to determine the best solution preparation prescription through experiments. When preparing lyophilized products, ensure the quality of the semi-finished products and other materials used in the solution preparation, and prepare them in accordance with strict preparation prescriptions. The preparation sequence and ratio of the solution must be correct, and the pH of the solution must be tested.

2. Common problems in the freeze dried produce

The production process of freeze dried food must not only strictly operate the freeze-drying process in accordance with the freeze-drying curve but also flexibly use the freeze-drying curve for a specific analysis of specific problems. The most common problems in the freeze-drying process are spray bottles and bottom drop.

3. Common product problems after the freeze dried process

1) Freeze dried food hs shrinkage and bubbling. Most of the reasons are that the products are not completely frozen during freezing, and there is some liquid, which will quickly bubble out under vacuum, causing the freeze-dried products to bubble.

2) The freeze dried food has uneven color and layering, which is mostly related to the too-long dispensing time. If the static time is too long, it will cause the lyophilized protective agent and the solution in the vaccine to layer.

3) The high moisture content of the freeze dried food is mainly caused by the incomplete freeze-drying analysis. In addition, the rubber stopper has not been dried or dried incompletely, which can also affect the final moisture content of the freeze dried food.

4) Freeze dried food sometimes has an insufficient vacuum. In addition to the problem of the vacuum pump of the freeze dryer, the main reason is that the rubber stopper is easy to harden and lose its elasticity when the product is stored at -20 ℃ or below, and the product is easy to lose vacuum; secondly, if the product moisture is too high, the vacuum degree will also be affected.

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