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Application of Freeze-drying Technology in Vegetable Processing

Application of Freeze-drying Technology in Vegetable Processing

Vegetables made by freeze-drying technology can retain the original color, taste, aroma, and appearance of the vegetable to a large extent, and can well preserve the original protein, vitamins, and other nutrients in the vegetable.

How to make freeze dried vegetables

The method of making freeze dried vegetables is to process the fresh vegetables and then freeze them for a short time. After reaching the required temperature, supply heat and maintain a vacuum state. At this time, the ice will not turn into the water but will leave freeze dried product through sublimation into gaseous water vapor. The recovery method of freeze dried vegetables is relatively simple, you can put them in cold water for a few minutes to restore them to their original condition.

The production principle of freeze dried vegetables

Compared with other dehydrated foods, freeze dried vegetables can maintain the original nutrients, appearance, color, and taste, and have better rehydration. The principle is that some heat-sensitive substances are not easy to be oxidized under low temperature and vacuum conditions, and the color and aromatic substances are better preserved. In addition, freeze dried vegetables with low moisture content can well inhibit the growth of microorganisms and enable them to be stored for a long time. The reason for the better rehydration of freeze dried vegetables is that the shape of frozen vegetables is relatively fixed. The ice crystals are finely sandwiched between the materials, and the ice crystals directly sublimate, and the water molecules volatilize from the inside to the outside. The solute is still in place in the material. The sublimated water vapor directly escapes the material without destroying the structure of the original material.

Application development prospects of freeze dried vegetables

Freeze dried foods are welcomed by many foreign consumers and are relatively high-grade dehydrated products. Now freeze dried foods are gradually being applied to many different fields in the food processing industry. In the field of soups, various soups are made with vegetables processed by freeze-drying technology. Easy to prepare, just add boiling water, nutritious and delicious. In the field of granular vegetables, the nutritious vegetables needed by the human body are generally matched reasonably and then processed into granules by freeze-drying technology. The freeze-dried vegetables processed by this method contain natural vitamins, chlorophyll, and trace elements necessary for the human body, and are especially suitable for the elderly, children, and patients.