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FD  Fruits & Vegetables Powder
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1. Linhe is the raw material producer and supplier of the global health industry.
2. high quality products originate from high quality raw materials. From the source, we should carry out specialized operation and strictly control the quality of raw materials.
3. building our own specialized raw material base and raw material supply network can ensure sufficient quality raw materials per year to ensure the quality and quantity of raw materials are stable.
4. our quality control department is equipped with advanced precision testing 

FD  Fruits & Vegetables Powder

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With the rapid rise of the market for plant extracts, NEX China helps enterprises explore new directions
General outline
Does tomato full extract help prevent and treat stomach cancer?
Researchers from the United States and Italy have found that whole extracts from two tomato varieties (San Marzano and Corbarino) can stop the growth of gastric cancer cells and inhibit their malignant characteristics. The study's co-authors, Professor Antonio Giordano, director of the Sbarro Institute for Molecular Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, and colleagues published their latest findings in the Journal of Cell Physiology.

Previous studies have suggested that compounds found in tomatoes, such as lycopene (a carotene that gives tomatoes their red color), may help fight cancer. The researchers, however, noted that few studies had looked at the anticancer effects of whole tomatoes, so they set out to tackle the gap.

The researchers examined the effects of total extracts from two tomato varieties, San Marzano and Corbarino, on gastric cancer cell lines. They found that each extract not only blocked the growth of gastric cancer cells, but also interfered with their metastasis.

In addition, the researchers found that the anticancer effects of tomato whole extracts were not specific to any particular compound. Their anti-tumor effects do not seem to be related to any particular ingredient (such as lycopene), suggesting that the anticancer effect of tomatoes is overall.

The results of this study suggest that tomato extracts may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer.

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