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Stevia Extract

Steviol Glycosides
Brief introduction
Stevioside is extracted from the herb Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni.
Brand Name
Latin Name
Steviol Glycosides
Root and leaf
White Powder
1 kg/aluminum foil bag, 25 kg/cardboard bucket
Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat
Shelf life
24 months
Steviol Glycosides 80%~95%


Stevioside is extracted from the herb Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. It is a natural healthy sweetener and medicine for the treatment of agents.Stevioside powder is pure white.

It tastes suitable, no odor, easily soluble in water and alcohol, stable, and not easily mildew. It is the closest flavor of cane sugar, which has been found and approved by Ministry of Health and Industry in China. It has the unique feature of high sweetener and low calorie, which is 200-450 times sweeter than that of cane sugar. And its calorie have only 1/300th than cane sugar. Stevioside can be widely used in food, beverage , medicine, daily chemical, wine and other industries. But its cost is only 35% of cane sugar. So stevioside is an ideal substitute to replace cane sugar, and it is called the third of cane sugar by the international market.
In addition, a lot of drug experiments proved that stevioside is not only non-toxic side effects, no carcinogens, high security, but also contains 14 kinds of Amino Acids and 10 kinds of trace elements( iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, sulfonate, fluorine, bromine, selenium, and so on ), Regular consumption can prevent hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and other diseases. It is an ideal medicine for the treatment of agents.



Stevioside is white, yellowish loose powder or crystal and slightly bitter. It is 200-450 times sweeter than cane sugar, And its calorie have only 1/300th than cane sugar.

Stevioside is mainly composed of stevioside, stevia Rebaudiane Rebaudioside A , B , C , D , E , DulcosideA, stevio, which is the nine main components. Our main products are divided into RA series, STV series, stevioside, table sugar ( particle healthy sugar and stevia sugar tablets ) of four series and 20 kinds of specific. In addition, according to customers requirements, we can produce various specifications of complex stevioside.





Steviosides are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, spices, pickled products, and other fields .        1.png                     

                                 1-160114225025a9.jpgRelated Products.jpg




Product Series:
1. TSG Series 
Specifications: stevia 80%, stevia 85%, stevia 90%, stevia 95%
2. REB-A Series
Specifications: RA 99%, RA 98%, RA 97%, RA 95%, RA 90%, RA 80%, RA 60%, RA 50%, RA 40%
3. Enzymatically Modified Stevia Series
Specifications: ≥80%
4. Table-top Stevia Series
Healthy Stevia: 7 times sweetness
Stevia Tablets: 60 times sweetness
Stevia Tablets: 70 times sweetness


Stevia Technical Data:


Index Specification Total steviol glycosides % Reb-A % ST % RC % Sweetness
TSG series
stevia 95% ≥95 ≥50 ≥35  ≤5 300
stevia 90% ≥90 ≥25 ≥55 ≤5 280
stevia 85% ≥85 ≥20 ≥40 ≥7 250
stevia 80% ≥80 ≥15 ≥45 ≥8 220
 RA product
Reb-A 99% ≥99 ≥99 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 450
Reb-A 98% ≥99 ≥98 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 440
Reb-A 97% ≥99  ≥97 ≤1 ≤0.5 420 
Reb-A 95%  ≥98  ≥95 ≤3 ≤1 400 
Reb-A 90%   ≥95 ≥90 ≤5 ≤1 380
Reb-A 80% ≥95 ≥80 ≤10 ≤1 360
Reb-A 60% ≥90 ≥60 ≤25 ≤8 320
Reb-A 50% ≥90 ≥50 ≤30 ≤8 300


Index Specification Sweetness(times)
Enzymatically Modified Stevia
Enzymatically modified stevia 95% 180
Enzymatically modified stevia 90% 160
Enzymatically modified stevia 85% 140


Index Specification Sweetness(times)
Stevia granule
7 tims sweeter 7
can be produced according to customer orders other
Stevia tablets
60 times sweeter 60
70 times sweeter 70
can be produced according to customer orders other


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