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Shaanxi Planting Industry Association Annual Meeting held recently

2018/07/21 13:10
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  On January 7th, the “2017 Shaanxi Plant Extract Industry Association Annual Meeting” and the 2nd Academic Forum of Plant Extract Industry were held. A number of leaders from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products, and representatives from other provinces and other representatives from Shaanxi plant extracting industry representatives and members of the Shaanxi Plant Extracting Industry Association gathered together to review the establishment of the Shaanxi Plant Extraction Industry Association. Through the efforts and achievements made in the past year, and in-depth discussion on the development potential and trends of the industry, it has pointed out the direction for the further development of the planting industry. At the scene, the relevant leaders of Shaanxi Planting Industry Association also officially awarded 15 new member units. At present, there are 84 member units of the association, and the scale and strength of Shaanxi Planting Industry Association are constantly growing.
It is understood that Shaanxi Plant Extract Industry Association is a non-profit, provincial-level social organization organized by Shaanxi's production, management, management and technical research of plant extracts. Since its establishment last year, 84 companies have been Under the concept of self-discipline management and development of the group, the association has developed and cooperated for a win-win situation, which has made outstanding contributions to the development of plant extraction industry in Shaanxi, leading the plant extraction industry to a new development track.
Shaanxi planting is one of the birthplaces of Chinese planting. Based on the abundant plant resources of Qinling, after 30-40 years of development, it has become the fourth largest export industry in Shaanxi, and has maintained an average growth rate of more than 20% for many years. According to the announcement of the association's general meeting, in 2017, the association will plan to build a large-scale planting smart industrial park with SMEs as the core. At that time, China will have the industrial plant version 4.0 plant extract manufacturing workshop, which is the largest and most advanced in China. Planting a smart industrial park. Really improve the technical level of planting production in Shaanxi, reach the international leading level, and gradually approach the mission jointly formulated by the association: Let Shaanxi truly become the high-end manufacturing center of the plant extraction industry. In 2017, we have reason to believe that Shaanxi planting will create more room for development.