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Shaanxi multi-party promotes the upgrading of plant extracting industry and achieves benign development

2018/06/12 12:35
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Since the 21st century, worldwide, the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of the awareness of green nature have driven the strong demand for plant extract products, thus, the plant extract industry has entered a golden age.

After more than 30 years of development in Shaanxi plant extraction industry, as of 2016, the planting area of plant extraction raw material crops in the province reached 4 million mu, and there were more than 600 enterprises engaged in plant extraction products production, accounting for 1/3 of the whole country. The output value of the whole industry reached hundreds of billions of yuan. Shaanxi has developed into the largest province in China's plant extraction industry.

As one of the cradles of plant extraction industry in China, Shaanxi has obvious advantages, such as numerous enterprises with large industrial scale, obvious geographical advantages, rich raw material resources, sufficient scientific and technological personnel, mature and perfect process technology, strong research and development force, and has a good foundation for development.

As a major plant extract production and export province in China, Shaanxi plant extract industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% for more than ten consecutive years. In 2016, the import and export volume of plant extract products in Shaanxi exceeded 1 billion yuan, becoming the fourth largest single product export industry in Shaanxi.

At the same time, because the extraction object of the plant extraction industry is plant resources, the production of plant extracts needs to consume a huge amount of plant raw materials, which has a huge driving effect on the upstream of the industry breeding and planting industry, and is an important guarantee for farmers in poor areas to get rid of poverty and increase income to become rich.

Phytochemistry industry is to promote shaanxi extroverted degree and realize precise powerful fulcrum for poverty alleviation, in order to standardize the industry development, promote the enterprise cluster, accelerate industrial upgrading, on April 14, shaanxi provincial department of commerce jointly the provincial development and reform commission, department of science, the ministry office, customs, inspection and quarantine bureau, bureau of quality and technical supervision and so on more than a dozen central unit, financial institutions and in central shaanxi, held in shaanxi yangling plant extracts "shaanxi province exports and industrial development forum".

At the symposium, Tang Yugang, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, made a keynote speech, introducing the resource advantages of developing plant extraction industry in Shaanxi: Qinba Mountain area contains more than 6000 kinds of biological resources, known as the "biological gene pool". "In the pilot statistics of 36 counties in the fourth national traditional Chinese medicine resource survey, our province has a total of 2,399 kinds of medicinal plants, including 283 kinds of key varieties, and the output of a variety of Chinese medicinal materials ranks in the forefront in China." Tang Yugang said.

According to years of experience in the development of Shaanxi plant extraction industry, Tang Yugang proposed to "guide the poor population in the planting process to carry out precise planting according to the raw material demand for precise export of plant extracts, so as to form an industrial poverty alleviation model in Shaanxi, which ensures farmers' income increase through precise planting and drives targeted poverty alleviation".

To solve the problem of cleaner production in plant extraction enterprises, Tang suggested that production intensification and resource recycling should be gradually solved. First of all, according to the national environmental protection requirements, the construction of smart parks to promote enterprise agglomeration. The park implements centralized energy supply and sewage treatment. The waste residue produced by extraction can be made into biological pesticide, feed and fertilizer, realizing the benign development of "circular economy" of plant extraction industry.

In recent years, the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province actively practices the five development concepts, responds to the national "poverty alleviation", "circular economy development", and cultivates new advantages in foreign trade competition. For the plant extraction industry with comparative advantages, the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province actively plays the role of Shaanxi Plant Extraction Association, foreign trade and economic service platform, overseas representative offices and leading plant extraction enterprises in Shaanxi Province, and supports enterprises to participate in key international exhibitions in key countries and regions. Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce also provides support to planting and cultivation enterprises that set up overseas warehouses, overseas marketing networks and port exhibition centers.

In order to expand the foreign trade business entities, improve the comprehensive ability of employees. According to the spirit of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued by six departments including Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce will conduct free foreign trade business training for planting enterprises in the second half of this year.

The "agglomeration" of enterprises is the inevitable stage of industrial development, and the "agglomeration" effect is the inner power of industrial optimization and upgrading. Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce actively promotes planting and extracting enterprises to establish export bases and form industrial clusters. It is expected that by the end of April, the first plant extract export base in Shaanxi Province will be listed in Hanzhong. The Department of Commerce will also build several production-oriented and circulation-oriented plant extract industrial export bases according to the resource endowment and industrial development of various regions.

As early as 2007, Shaanxi established the sales strategic alliance of construction machinery, large complete sets of equipment production enterprises and foreign contracted project enterprises. Through the sales strategic alliance, relevant enterprises can timely understand the import and export policies, realize information exchange and resource sharing, which greatly promotes the export of export-oriented products in Shaanxi Province.

In the next step, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce will also actively promote the establishment of Shaanxi Provincial Plant Extract International Sales Strategic Alliance, through which information, customers and sales channels can be shared among plant extract enterprises, so as to reduce the cost of plant extract enterprises to explore the international market and form a resultant force to explore the international market.

The development of plant cultivation industry involves various fields such as capital investment, planting, trade, circulation, research and development, technological transformation, testing, customs clearance, social service system, etc., and it needs to be promoted by the joint measures of all departments at the provincial level. At the meeting, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Industry and Information Technology, Shaanxi Provincial Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Xi 'an Customs and other departments also put forward support measures for the plant extraction industry from different angles.

Xi 'an Customs Deputy Director Yang Zhanqiang said, Xi 'an Customs will step up research on plant extract customs clearance, customs clearance related issues, to develop solutions, to achieve product customs clearance smooth flow; Shaanxi Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Deputy Director Liu Zhanyuan said: Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has promoted the healthy development of Shaanxi plant extract industry to expand export included in the work plan, will improve the quality of enterprises through a series of activities to help reduce the risk of enterprise export. Dai Lintao, director of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, introduced the relevant support policies of quality supervision departments to plant extraction enterprises. He said that Shaanxi plant extraction enterprises will be further supported to participate in the development of plant extraction industry and national standards, and help enterprises to transform intellectual property standards into productive forces.

As an emerging industry, plant extraction enterprises need to make continuous investment in research and development and technological upgrading to maintain their competitive advantages. Relevant persons in charge of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology who attended the symposium said that plant extraction enterprises would be supported from the aspects of technology research and development investment, industrial upgrading, technological transformation and industrial chain extension.

Zhang Ruya, deputy director of the economic and trade department of the Shaanxi Development and Reform Commission, suggested that phytogenic enterprises pay attention to the guidance funds of growing enterprises, and phytogenic enterprises with strong research strength can also apply for provincial engineering laboratories or research and development centers to obtain corresponding support. Support can be given to resource recycling projects in the construction of intelligent plant extraction park. Phytochemistry industry also has a department of shaanxi province on the policy support, in addition to support for TCM modernization related the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in science and technology benefiting the people plan for Chinese medicine scientific research and development of key technology research and there are traditional Chinese medicine industry support policy, the department also rely on xi 'an jiaotong university, fourth military medical university, shanxi normal university, shaanxi provincial institute of traditional Chinese medicine, such as shaanxi university of traditional Chinese medicine colleges and universities and research institutes to build a batch of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology platform.

Finance is the blood of the real economy, and the development of the plant extraction industry cannot be separated from the support of financial institutions. In view of the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized plant extraction enterprises, Shaanxi Branch of China Construction Bank suggests that enterprises take advantage of the "big data credit product" of China Construction Bank to obtain mortgage free loans through the accumulated reputation of settlement in China Construction Bank. An official from Export-Import Bank of China (Export-Import Bank of China) Shaanxi Branch said that it would support Shaanxi to build a hub for the production and export of plant extracts in China, as well as infrastructure construction and the "going global" expansion of plant extracts in the international market. Pudong Development Bank Xi 'an Branch, taking advantage of its own advantages, proposed to provide technology loans, supply chain financing and other financial services to enterprises.

Meeting one of the organizers of yangling demonstration zone, with unique suggests resources and agricultural city "" China regional brand advantage, as shaanxi, yangling agricultural demonstration garden of construction and development of processing trade, and especially in China (shaanxi) free trade area in yangling district approved, in investment, trade, finance, administration and free trade policy dividends, provided strong impetus for planting industry development.

Yang Ling's many dividends in the free trade zone era attract plant extraction enterprises to gather. Representatives of shaanxi jiahe biotechnology co., LTD., shaanxi buchang pharmaceutical co., LTD., shaanxi husf bio-engineering co., LTD and other enterprises introduced their investment and development in yangling respectively. Ren Keju, deputy general manager of Jiahe Biotech, said that in addition to the government's favorable investment environment and low electricity price, Yangling can rely on the power supply from the power plant, which saves a lot of costs and meets environmental requirements. Ren Keju's appearance aroused strong interest among corporate representatives of Hueyue.

Plant extract is known as the "chip" of the big health industry because of its green nature and wide application. In recent years, the international and domestic market demand for plant extracts continues to increase, the capital market is also very concerned about the plant extraction industry, plant extraction industry is facing a reshuffle and upgrade. Shaanxi as phytochemistry big province, the traditional business hall from shaanxi province to promote export of phytochemistry, joint multiple departments, on the one hand, promote the construction of raw material base, to strengthen the plant guide, to promote enterprise cluster on the other hand, promote industrial upgrading, will "precise poverty alleviation" and "ascension extroverted degree" organic combination, realize win-win situation of economic and social benefits.

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