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Sheep placenta side effect

2018/05/31 10:18
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 At present, sheep placenta is not a consumer product of the masses.
The concept of sheep placenta: knowing sheep placenta, starting from Switzerland in the early 20th century.
In 1912, Professor Carl, a Swiss scientist, first discovered that there was a magical substance in the embryonic cells of the sheep that would rejuvenate the cells. Professor Carl won the Nobel Prize for this. This substance is what we call sheep placenta.
1935 - After a long period of research, Dr. Nihans of Switzerland proved the function of regeneration and activation of sheep embryos and invented living cell therapy.
At present, the only country in the world that has officially licensed sheep placenta products is Switzerland, because Swiss sheep placenta purification technology is still a scientific secret, and only purified sheep placenta can guarantee reliable safety and good for the human body. Effect.
The cell active material extracted from the 5 month lamb embryo can only be stored for up to six months in liquid nitrogen below zero.
Once the sheep's placenta with magical effects came out, it immediately became popular around the world, making some officials more expensive, and the politicians stared for it. For a time, Switzerland became a medical health and beauty resort for sheep placenta.
Now many countries and scientific research institutions have stated that they have mastered the technology of sheep placenta extraction. Is this true? Can sheep placenta become a mass consumer product?
The extraction of sheep placenta, refining is a very complicated technology, which can only be done in the laboratory at present, and it needs to be configured differently according to the different conditions of the user, because the living cells extracted from different organs of the animal will play differently. effect.
For example, the living cells extracted from the liver organs of animal embryos and the living cells of the heart organs have different functions. Different users have different configurations, so this is a very personalized service, and it is absolutely impossible to mass produce. Moreover, the preservation of living cells is extremely demanding, and the purified sheep placenta can only be stored for a maximum of six months under extremely severe temperature requirements, which is not suitable for long-distance transportation at all. Therefore, it is impossible to become a mass consumer goods, but a luxury that few people can afford.
The use of sheep placenta must be treated with caution
Nowadays, due to the large number of sheep fetuses driven by the economic interests of the merchants, various sheep placenta are flooding the market. What is the role of these sheep placenta? "On July 17, Dr. Huang Youpeng, the chief expert of the Anti-Aging Medicine Center of the 305 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, and the director of the Beijing International Anti-Aging Medicine Center, said that the sheep fetus is not a panacea for anti-aging, but instead There are still many unresolved issues, and the current use has more harm than good. ”
However, with the promotion of sheep placenta, the application range of sheep placenta has been expanding, and the number of adverse reactions such as redness, allergies and rejection has increased, which has aroused the vigilance of the medical community. Because sheep placenta is a biological agent, However, the quality standards for such bioactive substances have not yet been established, so the quality of sheep placenta cannot be guaranteed, and the efficacy is difficult to achieve. In addition, sheep may carry tuberculosis, Brucella, and can transmit mad cow virus if breeding conditions However, it is impossible to guarantee the absolute safety of the biological product of sheep placenta.
Not only that, some studies have found that oral sheep placenta can have a damaging effect on the bioactive components of the gastrointestinal tract, while the injection of sheep placenta takes only 6-12 months, repeated injections increase the risk of contracting other diseases. .
In the past few years, some domestic pharmaceutical companies have launched a wide range of “fetal placenta” in order to seize the domestic anti-aging drug market. Many of the products are made from sheep viscera and placenta. Due to their preparation conditions and process problems, effective substances The content is in doubt. Under these conditions, the abuse of sheep placenta is very risky.
At present, there are no fewer than ten kinds of sheep placenta products in the domestic market. Capsules, oral liquids and injection solutions are available. The promotion of exaggerated efficacy is everywhere, and consumers must be cautious about this.