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Do you know the benefits of eating freeze-dried fruits and vegetables?

2021/05/20 17:41
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1. Freeze drying is vacuum freeze drying. After processing, the nutrients of fruits and vegetables are almost not destroyed, and no additives or preservatives are needed.
2. Seasonable fruits and vegetables can be eaten throughout the year (out-of-season fruits and vegetables have poor taste and high cost, so they are not suitable for freeze-drying)
3, storage, light, easy to carry, whether it is home travel or space (astronauts in space is a large part of the freeze-dried products) freeze-dried is the best food, that is, can satisfy hunger and can also supplement nutrition.
A variety of food to eat, a variety of delicious; You can eat it instantly, you can soak it in water, you can boil it, you can stew it, you can stir-fry it. For example: pineapple can fry lean meat, durian can stew chicken, corn braised ribs, dragon fruit do sweet soup......
5, suitable for different seasons and different people choose to eat, you can eat more if it is summer, dragon fruit, banana, and other functions of digestible freeze-dried fruit, can eat more if it is winter: durian, such as removing the freeze-dried fruit, kids can eat more corn, beans and vegetables, can solve the problem of children don't like to eat fruits and vegetables.
6, suitable for visiting friends and relatives when the hand gift, send expensive things to send pressure not to say not necessarily genuine, send too ordinary things and don't take hands also afraid of each other abandon, if send freeze-dried is actually send health, and in the snack food industry it is no doubt "aristocracy".
7. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can increase farmers' income, solve the unsalable problem of fresh fruits and ensure food safety, which is a real industry benefiting the country and the people.