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With the rapid rise of the market for plant extracts, NEX China helps enterprises explore new directions

2018/12/02 16:58
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In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the upgrading and transformation of consumption structure, the focus on diseases has shifted from simple treatment to prevention.As the core raw material and product of biomedicine, plant extract has been widely used in the fields of plant medicine, food additive, functional food, health food, cosmetics and so on.With the rapid development of biomedicine in the 21st century, under the influence of this new medical model, active or functional plant extract products are more favored worldwide and have broad market space, which also promotes the development prospect of Chinese plant extract export.At the same time, the continuous introduction of favorable industrial support policies in China will continue to maintain the rapid development of the industry. It is estimated that the market size of China's plant extract industry will reach 24.9 billion yuan in 2018 and exceed 34.1 billion yuan in 2022.In the future, China's plant extraction industry will become a new strategic pillar industry for national economic and social development.

In this context, "NEX China" is sponsored by UBM EMEA and CCCMHPIE, and co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo.Since founded, has been accompanied by domestic extract industry forward 10 years of the "world natural extract Chinese exhibition (NEX China" will be on June 18, 2019-20 in Shanghai new international expo center hall E4 - E5 again, relying on the vigorous development of the international natural extracts industry and resource advantage in the field of animal and plant extracts in China, the exhibition will be expanded to 20000 square meters, the high quality extract enterprises at home and abroad will be there with innovative products one by one.The organizer will also hold BBS and seminars related to natural raw materials on the exhibition site to share global laws and regulations, analyze the innovative application trend of hot export varieties and natural plant extracts, and provide a variety of solutions for plant extract enterprises in transition.

Planting and lifting enterprises gather together to open a new chapter with NEX China


As a leading exhibition in the planting industry in China, NEX China has basically covered the top enterprises in the industry.Exhibitors is expected to more than 600, 2019, in addition to xi 'an tianyi, xi'an linhe, shanxi huike , shanxi jiahe, such as nearly hundred from phytochemistry enterprises in shaanxi province, one of the more to jie extraction of hunan, hunan HuaCheng green shoots, hunan, changsha HuiRui phytochemistry leader, led by hunan such as magnitude and jointly explore new trends of industrial development.


In recent years, China chamber of commerce for the import and export of pharmaceutical and health care products has launched four batches of standards, which gradually standardizes the industry, promotes the improvement of product quality, and makes more advanced product technologies of phytochemicals enterprises compete to appear in NEX China exhibition.At this year's exhibition, China chamber of commerce for import and export of pharmaceutical and health care products officially issued the 2018 international business standard for plant extracts.The publication of this standard further promotes the continuous improvement of extraction technology and extraction technology in phytophore enterprises to cope with the transformation of the industry.While standardizing the export of Chinese plant extracts and improving the international competitiveness, it also brings new opportunities and challenges to the plant extraction industry.


Phytochemistry industry in 2019, the show will be from buyers present varieties more variety of innovative products and technologies, such as: dongming gruss in technology innovation research and development, the use of ultrasonic counter-current extraction technology under the condition of low temperature to leaching of effective components from natural plants, fully protect plant activity of active ingredients, make the product has good physical properties;Xi 'an tianmei water extracted from the rhizome of grass stone silkworm and earthling to obtain sousonose, from traditional vegetables, green and safe, with very low sweetness and heat, has been allowed and approved by many countries in food.

Overseas visitors to the exhibition will increase by 50% in 2018

2019 on-site several high-end conference activities, accelerate the pace of planting and lifting enterprises in line with the international


NEX 2018 exhibition site was extremely popular. During the exhibition period, CPhI China, together with CPhI China held in the same period, attracted 60,744 visitors from 120 countries and regions, an increase of 10% over 2017.In particular, the number of overseas visitors to the exhibition showed an explosive growth, reaching 15,329 person-times, an increase of more than 50% over 2017, and many exhibitors expanded their booths based on the good exhibition effect.In order to meet the demand of more enterprises, the scale of NEX China 2019 exhibition will be expanded to E4 and E5 pavilions of Shanghai new international expo center.


At the same time, the organizer will also hold many wonderful and high-quality conferences and activities: "2019 natural product innovation and development BBS" will continue to analyze global regulatory changes, track the American pharmacopoeia standards, feel the pulse of the industry, and provide Suggestions for enterprises;"Natural extract quality supplier show" will focus on GEP certified plant extract quality suppliers and their products, to give more opportunities for domestic high-quality plant extract enterprises to show, so that more domestic and overseas professional audience to understand the strength of Chinese enterprises;In addition, the organizer will cooperate with high-quality media in the industry and hold seminars on innovative technologies of emerging raw materials to conduct extensive technical exchanges on new standards, technologies and market applications of emerging raw materials.China exhibition "in addition, the 2019 world natural extract (NEX China) will be compared with" the ninth China international health products exhibition "(HNC) hosted 2019 health care products buyers pairing will maximize resources integration, to provide the exhibitors and buyers more efficient, higher quality of business communication platform, realize win-win, mutual help health industry development and industry transformation and upgrading.