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1. Linhe is the raw material producer and supplier of the global health industry.
2. high quality products originate from high quality raw materials. From the source, we should carry out specialized operation and strictly control the quality of raw materials.
3. building our own specialized raw material base and raw material supply network can ensure sufficient quality raw materials per year to ensure the quality and quantity of raw materials are stable.
4. our quality control department is equipped with advanced precision testing 

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  Linhe  is a raw material producer and supplier to the global health industry. The company specializes in providing high quality, stable, safe and reliable active substances for functional foods, nutritional supplements, health foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and feed industries. Based on the business philosophy of “Honesty is the foundation, innovation is the first, and pragmatism is the foundation”, the efficient and pragmatic management team has gradually established “Lin Wo” as the leading brand in the industry while laying a solid foundation for the company's development. The company is located in the core area of ​​CBD in Xi'an High-tech Zone. The R&D center and analysis and testing center are located in the west area of ​​Modern Enterprise Center of Xi'an High-tech Zone. We rely on independent training and introduction of high-tech talents at home and abroad, and work closely with many research institutes to form areas of extraction, separation, synthesis, fermentation, pharmacy, functional food chemistry, nutrition, biology, engineering and management. Multidisciplinary, all-round, high-level technology, management elite team. Teamwork is our way of living. Excellent employees are our most important quality assets. Healthy, happy and enterprising is the core of our culture.
We have more than 100 employees, more than 60% of whom have bachelor degree or above, and more than 20% of them have master's degree or above. The company cooperated with universities to train a professional R&D technical team of more than 20 people to meet the needs of production technology improvement, production process optimization, patent application and so on. The company has perfect extraction, separation, synthesis, fermentation equipment and technology, has rich production experience and strict quality control system, and has established a perfect sales service system. The products are exported to Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific. The scale is in the forefront of the country and has won a good international reputation. The company firmly believes that quality is the life of the company. The whole production process is strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality management system from the aspects of feeding-processing-inspection-factory-after-sales service. "Reliable quality, high-quality service" is our every The commitment of our customers, we firmly believe that only the success of our customers will have our success. At Linhe, we are committed to providing our customers with the reliable products and services they need.