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1. Linhe is the raw material producer and supplier of the global health industry.
2. high quality products originate from high quality raw materials. From the source, we should carry out specialized operation and strictly control the quality of raw materials.
3. building our own specialized raw material base and raw material supply network can ensure sufficient quality raw materials per year to ensure the quality and quantity of raw materials are stable.
4. our quality control department is equipped with advanced precision testing 

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[Packing method] large goods 25 kg / cardboard drum, sample packaging for aluminum foil bags, net weight 2KG per bag, barrel diameter 36-40CM, high 50CM or so. The inner packaging can also be replaced into small packages according to requirements, easy to use.
[Minimum order quantity] 1KG, labeling according to requirements, if not required, generally according to the company internal label unified template paste.
[Transportation method] The company default express: Zhongtong Express, Shentong Express, BES Huitong, Yunda Express, Debon Logistics, EMS postal express, automobile transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, etc.
The first-tier cities such as Beishangguangjiang, Zhejiang and Anhui are arriving the next day, and other cities are postponed one day.
[Quality Clause] We have our own test report for each batch of goods. The quality of the products is strictly in accordance with the testing standards. If the product is inspected after passing the test, the product will be returned to the company.
However, according to years of experience in export production, all of our products have not experienced such a situation.
[Storage conditions] This product should be sealed and shielded from light, stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.